Eureka lab Ltd. that develops state-of-the-art emulsification device, emulsified fuel, cavitation pump, micro bubble generation valve, aspirator valve, and reduced hydrogen solution

Company overview

Management policy

代表取締役 理学博士 片山 誠二
It started as a venture company of an University of Shizuoka first institutionalization in 2007, and it set up a research institute to Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji Incubation Center in 2008.
The principle of management of our company is to contribute to the society by working on the seeds development in the areas such as food, the medicine, the machine, electricity, and IT, developing an original radical research and development, making the achieved result a patent, making to an intellectual property, and practicing the business development that makes them a device. The territorial cultivation is aimed at in and out in the country based on the literary property.
Seiji Katayama, representative director, Doctor of Science

Business plan

It concentrates on the marketing of emulsification device Emulsionizer.
The emulsification device that consists of a new technology is developed, it commercializes from the prototype, and it has become commercialization. It corresponds now by a small lot production of the order, and OEM production is contemplated. The request of the emulsification test sample is accepted from the customer. There is pulling manufacturing and sales of the major company against each other, too and, now, it is examining it.
It is adopted for the Shizuoka Prefecture management reformation business in 2010 fiscal year, and the support such as The Shizuoka Organization for Creation of Industries(Foundation), Fuji City, and JETRO is received and the territorial cultivation is advanced zealously in August, 2010.
The exhibition of the support of development in the market exhibition etc. is advanced to the international exhibition (nano tech, InterAqua, FOOMAJAPAN, patent solution, and small and medium-sized enterprise synthesis exhibition) and Exhibited to the Support of Development in Market Exhibition in Fujinokuni,