Eureka lab Ltd. that develops state-of-the-art emulsification device, emulsified fuel, cavitation pump, micro bubble generation valve, aspirator valve, and reduced hydrogen solution

Product introduction

Aspirator valve

Device that rolls gas in liquid by principle of aspirator when liquid passes main body. There is no leakage of the fluid because there is a backflow stop in the air inlet.

Aspirator valve
Item Content Remarks
Size etc.. Width 5 cm depends on connected specifications of parts
Height 15 cm externals size can be changed
Depth 7 cm  
Weight 2 kg  

Product features


Device that efficiently mixes gas with liquid.
It is basis of the micro bubble generation.
This plays the role of the filter cleaning and the deletion of corpuscle garbage by bubble in eel and fish's farms, seedlings, esthetics salons, hot springs, and super-public baths, healthy land.

2.Strong point and feature

  • It is a device that mixes the gas with the fluid newly developed.
  • It consists of the Venturi tube and the valve disc, the space at the nozzle entrance of the Venturi tube changes movably of the valve disc, and the amount of mixing of the gas can be controlled.(~20%)
  • It is a simple device that rolls the gas in the liquid by the principle of the aspirator, and the cost performance is assumed to be a feature at a low price.

3.Introduction advantage

  • It will be possible to build it in an existing plant and the pipeline as a device of the gas/liquid mixture in low-cost and a short time.
  • Because flowing quantity can be easily controlled with the nozzle, operativeness is good.