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Product introduction

Micro bubble generation valve

Device that has both bubble generation function and valve function with Venturi tube.
The grain diameter of the bubble can be controlled within the range of 1~30μ.
Domestic patent pending, International patent preparing.

Micro bubble generation valve
Item Content Remarks
Size etc.. Width 6 cm depends on connected specifications of parts
Height 12 cm externals size can be changed
Depth 6 cm  
Weight 2 kg  

Product features

1.Customer & Market

The industry that needs the micro bubble extends to many topics like the deletion of a cleaning of an esthetics salon, a hot spring, a super-public bath, healthy land, and the filter and corpuscle garbage etc.

2.Strong point and Feature

It is a device for the micro bubble generation newly developed.
It consists of the Venturi tube and the valve disc, the space at the nozzle entrance of the Venturi tube changes movably of the valve disc, and the grain diameter of the generated micro bubble can be controlled.


An esthetics salon, a hot spring, a super-public bath, healthy land, and the usage besides the cleaning of the filter and the removal of corpuscle garbage, etc. extend to many topics. It is supplied to the emulsifications such as the drinking water, cosmetics, foods, and oil.